Little Change Creators

Little Change Creators

Little Change Creators make award-winning activity sets to spark colour, creativity and kindness in kids. As a social-impact business, you can feel good knowing that your purchase has made a difference to another child’s life.

Our commitment

Our Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Sets may be the perfect answer to guilt-free grown-up time and rainy-day rescues, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. When creating our products, we carefully consider the following; • Always choosing reusable materials over single-use disposables through all facets of production. • Ensuring sustainable consumption and waste-minimisation are key elements of our product and packaging designs. • Choosing locally-produced, recyclable packaging solutions instead of cheaper, synthetic options. • Using a carbon-neutral print processs, vegetable ink and FSC-certified cardstock for our printed materials and marketing insertions. • Opting for sea freight over air freight to reduce our carbon footprint. • Closing the consumer loop through a recycling and repurposing partnership that turns our silicone colouring mats into playground surfaces. • Incorporating social good through product donations to children’s charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Little Change Creators Products

Our Sustainability Framework

  • What is your company doing to reduce your emissions or combat key environmental issues (e.g. waste (packaging, end of life product strategy or recycling), biodiversity, land use, water, chemical use, energy use, and natural resource use etc.)?

    When it comes to caring for the planet, we’re committed to choosing the most sustainable options wherever possible. This involves; • Packaging our products in a fabric pouch instead of harmful, synthetic materials • Including cloth erasers with our reusable colouring sets to avoid any need for disposable wipes • Shipping customer orders in recyclable Australian-made mailer boxes • Paying a premium to have our products wrapped in paper instead of plastic • Using water-activated paper kraft tape for sealing our parcels • Producing our packaging through a local print-press that uses vegetable inks and a carbon-neutral process • Designing packaging that minimises waste • Using FSC-certified cardstock for our packaging and insertions • Donating or recycling imperfect products • Using LED lighting to save energy at our facilities • Reusing cartons for shipping wholesale orders • Choosing sea freight over air freight for moving inventory from our factories • Using paper labels and gift wrap instead of synthetic options • Partnering with Terracycle to repurpose used and pre-loved product components

  • How are the products your company offers made from environmentally friendly materials (e.g. recycled, organic materials)?

    Little Change Creators cares for people and our planet by using materials and manufacturing processes that are sustainable and safe. The silicone used in our Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Sets is derived from natural elements such as silica (sand), oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. We use only premium, food-grade silicone that's non-toxic and FDA-approved. It’s free of harmful chemicals such as BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates and lead. Our silicone is also highly-durable, withstanding both heating and freezing without emitting any nasty chemicals (unlike many plastics and synthetic rubbers). We also make a conscious decision to use minimal packaging and materials derived from nature. Our Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Sets are packaged in a practical fabric pouch that’s robust and reusable. The outer sleeve is made from FSC-certified card and printed by a press that offsets carbon emissions. It’s also designed for repurposing as postcards and bookmarks to minimise waste. Little Change Creators proudly ships all orders in 100% recyclable materials, including paper hex-wrap, water-activated kraft tape, paper gift wrap and cardboard mailers.

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  • Do you partner with ethical factories that meet international labor standards? What processes have you implemented to make your supply chain more sustainable?

    We work closely with our factories, suppliers and partners to ensure ethical and sustainable practices are exercised. We have an agent who verifies our supplier’s credentials to safeguard workers and guarantee the quality and safety of our products. Our products are also independently-tested for compliance with Australian and international safety standards.

  • How does your company give back to the community (e.g. financial donations, volunteering, partnerships etc.)?

    From little things, big things grow! That’s why giving back is part of what we do every day. From day dot, we’ve partnered with children’s charities and not-for-profit organisations to make a difference. Through our primary partner, Little Dreamers Australia, we regularly donate our products to the young carers they support. This provides creativity and escapism to kids who care for family members with a disability, addiction or chronic illness. Inside each Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Set is an impact token that unlocks our secret donation tally, so kids can join our journey to create positive change. We’ve also supported fundraising endeavours with community groups including Mission Australia, Fight Cancer Foundation, ChildFund Australia, various toy libraries, kindergartens and single parent groups. Plus, we’re excited to be working toward a couple of major partnerships in the healthcare sector!

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  • How has your company made a commitment to achieve and maintain inclusion & diversity (e.g. Gender / Race / Ethnicity / National Origin / Sexual Orientation / Religion / Disability / Age)?

    As a mum-owned and family-run business, we understand that parenting sometimes throws up a few curve-balls. That’s why we have a flexible and child-friendly working environment. Founder, Paige, also has personal experience caring for people with disabilities and complex health needs. That’s why she’s passionate about purpose-driven business and strives to support people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged. Little Change Creators is committed to fairness across all ages, genders and abilities. We work with influencers and freelancers who are racially-diverse or have disabilities. We’re transparent about what we do and why we do it.

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  • How does your circular model or circular initiative work?

    We’re really proud to be closing the loop as the only brand offering silicone colouring mats that can be recycled. Through our partnership with Terracycle, customers can return any pre-loved colouring mats (or accessories) for shredding and repurposing as playground mats, roadbases and sports surfaces. We look forward to developing this initiative further as our brand grows to become sustainable leaders within the Australian toy industry.

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