Outer Space double sided reusable silicone mat

OUTER SPACE Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Set

Little Change Creators
Engage with a galaxy of fun and creativity, minus the waste, with this sustainable colouring set.
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Little Change Creators
Fulfilled by Little Change Creators

Key Features

Double-sided premium silicone mat
12 non-toxic markers
Magic Cloth eraser for easy cleaning
Compact fabric carry bag
Carbon-neutral packaging


Made from premium FDA-approved silicone, ensuring a non-toxic, safe, and reusable material that stands the test of time. Includes cloth erasers to negate the need for disposable wipes.

Designed with a commitment to zero waste, this colouring set comes in a compact fabric carry bag with carbon-neutral packaging, featuring repurpose-friendly paper sleeves.

Through a partnership with Terracycle, Little Change Creators invites customers to return pre-loved colouring mats for recycling, transforming them into playground surfaces.


OUTER SPACE Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Set carries you and your children into a galaxy of creativity without leaving a trace on our planet.

Complete with a double-sided premium silicone mat (40 x 30cm) that provides a durable, non-toxic canvas for imagination. Alongside, the set includes 12 vibrant, low-odour markers perfect for little hands, ensuring vivid creations without the toxic stink. Each adventure can be tidied up effortlessly with the provided Magic Cloth eraser.

Packed in a stylish, fabric carry bag for on-the-go fun, it is a perfect companion for cafes and travel. This eco-conscious set uses carbon-neutral packaging with additional craft activities, adding to the joy without environmental compromise.

The FDA-approved silicone, free from harmful substances, guarantees safety for your family and the planet. Embrace the joy of mess-free play while nurturing creative spirits and consciousness for our environment.

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