About us

About us

Our Story

We are Green Friday. A startup based in Sydney, founded by a team of passionate individuals, who want to do more for our planet, by reducing our environmental impact. Green Friday originated as a movement to flip the narrative on the mass overconsumption that occurs during sales periods. Having started Releaseit, a rental marketplace where sustainability and circularity are top priorities, we knew there was more we could do, to disrupt retail consumerism on behalf of the planet. That’s where Green Friday was born.

Our past

In 2021, we began to observe the frenzy and mass overconsumption that occurs around sales periods such as Black Friday, Click Frenzy and Cyber Monday. Then, we realised there was no alternative in the market that caters to the growing eco-conscious consumer, who prefers to shop from reputable sustainability-focused brands. Insert Green Friday. We believe that brands doing more for our planet deserve recognition, awareness and a platform to shine. Simultaneously, we believe that consumers deserve the opportunity to make informed decisions about their purchases and to support brands that align with their morals and values. So, our inaugural event ran at the same time as the Black Friday - Cyber Monday period. We partnered with 23 incredible Australian brands who are passionate about reducing waste and promoting ethical consumption. We believe that if we are going to consume, we need to do it the right way, with consideration for our environment because our future depends on it.

In 2022, Green Friday was a 4-day retail event, that allowed Australian consumers to shop sustainability-focused deals and ethical offers, with consideration and mindfulness. The event grew tremendously, featuring over 150+ incredible Australian retailers and brands, who had offers within the sustainability, re-commerce and circular economy space. On Green Friday, we gave these brands the platform to educate consumers by showcasing their sustainability journeys and feature some exclusive deals!

Our future

After an incredible 2022 for Green Friday, we are back and better than ever! For Green Friday 2023, we have developed an entirely new program, that continues to disrupt retail consumerism on behalf of the planet by encouraging Australians to buy better, with consideration and mindfulness. We want to achieve this by showcasing brands and retailers within the sustainability, re-commerce and circular economy space.

We have now launched Australia’s sustainability-focused retail movement and this year is all about sustainability content, green events and our community of progressive consumers. We are creating more opportunities for brands to participate in Australia’s only sustainability-focused online events. We are also creating a year-round presence for brands on our platform, to educate consumers on their sustainability journey. Finally, we are introducing…Green Friday, Buy Better. A world-class newsletter featuring Friday Finds and Sustainability-focused Content.

How do we choose our partners?

Not all brands can participate in Green Friday. We choose to work exclusively with brands that are committed to their sustainability journey and helping Aussie consumers buy better. Each of our partners has a dedicated brand page where you can learn more about the business, and where they are at in their sustainability journey. This helps you as the consumer, to be more conscious of your purchases, and decide to support brands, that align with your values.

Our commitment to you

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