Fighting for a Sustainable Future

According to the 2023 Climate Change Performance Index, Australia has received a 'very low' rating for its performance in every category (greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, energy use and climate policy). For this reason, the index has placed Australia an embarrassing 55th out of 59 countries plus the EU!

As a nation, we no longer 'should' do better, we need to. It's time to disrupt retail consumerism on behalf of the planet and we can't do it without your help.

As the world grapples with a host of worsening environmental issues, most of us aren't doing enough to help make a difference. Single-use plastics, mindless consumerism, and a lack of focus on sustainability. These are things that need to change. Currently, our choice is either to keep doing what we're doing and ignore the planet. Or, turn ourselves into hermits and reject the modern world. We want to help you discover a better way with Green Friday.

At Green Friday, we choose to work exclusively with brands that are committed to their sustainability journey and helping Australian consumers buy better.

In order to be as transparent as possible with consumers, Green Friday participants will complete a sustainability framework (as seen below) and their answers will be public on their brand page. This means that you, as the consumer, can choose to support brands that align with what is important to you, whether that is environmental policies, sustainable certifications and more.

Our Sustainability Framework

We've partnered with

1% for the Planet
Carbon Neutral
Sustainable Choice

Our Sustainability Partners

We've partnered with organisations that are pioneering the sustainable retail space and are on a mission to accelerate sustainability initiatives in Australia.

Her's a little more about who they are and why they exist:

  • Good360

    We are proud to be working with Good360 as our exclusive Charity Partner. Good360 Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that connects charities, schools and society’s most vulnerable with businesses willing to donate unsold or surplus goods, services and disaster recovery essentials. Their mission is to ensure the excess goods and services businesses produce every year flow to people in need rather than going to waste. The result is a Circle of Good that reduces need and waste in our communities at the same time, so everyone benefits – from people to the planet.

  • Sustainable Choice

    We are proud to be a foundation member of Sustainable Choice. Sustainable choice call on the world's best brands to publish their sustainability commitments publicly and transparently. They empower consumer choice by making it easy to find sustainability information before you shop.

  • 1% for the Planet

    We are a member of 1% for the Planet because we want to give back and connect with causes that have real impact. We will pledge 1% of our Green Friday sales towards verified environmental and social nonprofits.

  • Carbon Neutral

    We have partnered with Carbon Neutral, the longest standing carbon offset providers in Australia. We have supported their Yarra Biodiversity project, a large-scale reforestation effort to help protect our Yarra river.


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