12 pack of ultra fine markers

ULTRA FINE TIP - Magic Marker Set

Little Change Creators
Premium ultra-fine tip markers for intricate art.
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Little Change Creators
Fulfilled by Little Change Creators

Key Features

Sleeker nibs for detailed artistry
Non-toxic and low-odour ink
Durable, premium Japanese nibs
Instant-drying ink for versatile use on multiple surfaces
Child-friendly with roll-stop lids


Each marker in the set uses non-toxic, low-odour ink, ensuring a safer colouring experience for children and a lesser environmental impact.

Packaged in an eco-friendly box, this marker set signifies our dedication to reducing waste and encouraging recycling for a healthier planet.

Choosing premium Japanese nibs not only aligns with our commitment to high-quality and durable products but also advocates for resource efficiency by reducing the need for frequent replacements.


Meet the newest addition to your eco-conscious art toolbox - the ULTRA FINE TIP Magic Marker Set. These compact yet vibrant markers are perfect for those seeking precision in their creations. Crafted with premium Japanese nibs, these markers ensure a seamless drawing experience on even the most intricate details. They pace perfectly with your child's imagination on any surface, displaying an array of vibrant colours.

Environmentally Conscious Design

each marker is comprised of non-toxic, low-odour ink, making them safe for kids and favourable for the environment. The eco-friendly box packaging further highlights Little Change Creators' commitment to sustainability, empowering children to unfold their creativity without harming the planet.

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