A kids book about mindfulness by Caverly Morgan front cover

A Kid's Book About Mindfulness

Little Change Creators
An engaging book to introduce mindfulness and mental wellness to children aged 9+.
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Little Change Creators
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Key Features

Author: Caverly Morgan
Hardcover, eco-conscious print
Fosters self-awareness and mental wellness
Recommended for children aged 9+


The book is produced using carbon-neutral methods, furthering a commitment to reducing carbon footprint.

Educates children on mindfulness practices, promoting mental health awareness and self-understanding.

Adopts recycled paper for printing and uses vegetable-based inks, curbing environmental impact.


A Kid’s Book About Mindfulness significantly contributes to a child's mental health journey by instilling a sense of self-awareness and resilience. Authored by Caverly Morgan, it offers insights into mindfulness practices in an accessible manner, emphasizing understanding oneself and the importance of mental wellness. The book is not only an educational tool but also attentively crafted, following eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Why Mindfulness Matters: Mindfulness can transform how children interact with their thoughts, fostering an environment of calm and understanding from a young age.

Sustainably Made: Printed in the USA using recycled paper and vegetable inks, embracing Little Change Creators’ dedication to minimal environmental impact and responsible resource usage. The production follows a carbon-neutral approach, reducing the ecological footprint.

Engage in the Journey: We believe learning about mental wellness should be fun and impactful. This book is a step towards recognizing and supporting the emotional wellbeing of the next generation, while also teaching them the value of sustainability.

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