Punar is an Award winning company from Naarm, bringing you sustainable gifts and luxe homewares. With your support, we are enriching lives of women weavers and their communities in India while solving the problem of landfill textile waste.

Our commitment

Punar means "Again" in the ancient Sanskrit language in India. Often used in the context of 'rejuvenation' and 'rebirth', we couldn't think of a better name to honour our women who making a new start in life despite their socioeconomic background. Combining handloom artistry with sustainability, we use recycled yarn sourced by upcycling textile landfill waste to weave handloom fabrics and ethically handicraft sustainable luxury. We are committed to fair wages & equal pay, creating a better tomorrow. Since launching, we have: Created 900 handcrafted products Turned 121 kg landfill waste into luxe tea towels Handwoven 405 meters fabric by paying fair wages to women Saved 510,000 litres of water Used natural dyes & zero chemicals Did you know handwoven fabrics do not use electricity? We not only create zero emission fabrics but also solve the problem of textile landfill waste by turning them into handcrafted products. Every 100 meters of fabric on an average stops 92kg CO2 emissions.

Punar Products

Our Sustainability Framework

  • What is your company doing to reduce your emissions or combat key environmental issues (e.g. waste (packaging, end of life product strategy or recycling), biodiversity, land use, water, chemical use, energy use, and natural resource use etc.)?

    With every 100 meters handwoven fabric made with recycle yarn, we are Saving 126,000 litres of water Using Natural Dyes & zero chemicals Stopping 92kg CO2 emissions All packaging that we use is either recyclable, biodegradable or home compostable. Our cards are made using recycled paper and use eco-friendly inks.

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  • How are the products your company offers made from environmentally friendly materials (e.g. recycled, organic materials)?

    Our products are made with handwoven fabrics that use finest quality recycled yarn. Once upon a time, the yarn used in our fabrics used to be textile landfill waste. But thanks to our diligent artisans, this waste is turned into luxe and unique gifts and homewares. Handloom fabrics are created with care, and they have unique characteristics setting them apart from the mass manufactured fabrics. Did you know handloom does not use any electricity, so no CO2 emission.

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  • Do you partner with ethical factories that meet international labor standards? What processes have you implemented to make your supply chain more sustainable?

    At Punar we only partner with enterprises that champion ethical production and offer fair wages. We review corporate social responsibility statement and policies of every supplier partner that we directly engage to ensure staff are working in a safe and supportive work place.

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  • How does your company give back to the community (e.g. financial donations, volunteering, partnerships etc.)?

    Punar is proud member of 1% pledge. We are committed to giving back 1% of our time to volunteering in community and educating young minds on using sustainability as innovation opportunities.

  • How has your company made a commitment to achieve and maintain inclusion & diversity (e.g. Gender / Race / Ethnicity / National Origin / Sexual Orientation / Religion / Disability / Age)?

    Majority of our suppliers employ women who come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds. These women are upskilled and provided thriving careers in handloom textile industry. Punar is committed to diversity and inclusion. As a female founded start up, we have open hiring policy based on people’s capabilities and skills, not their gender, religion, age, origin, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We pay our employees fair wages and maintain a healthy work environment.

  • How does your circular model or circular initiative work?

    At Punar, all our fabrics are made with recycled yarn that is created by upcycling landfill textile waste. Circular economy is at the heart of our creations and we are currently working on collaboration opportunities with another amazing start up that is ethically disposing and recycling clothing at their end of life.

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