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Artisan Handcrafted Throw

A throw handcrafted by women artisans, embodying luxury and sustainability.
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Key Features

Handcrafted by skilled women artisans
Made from upcycled textile waste
Luxurious fabric finish for longevity
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Majority of our supplier partners employ women from socio-economic challenges, providing them with skill development and thriving careers in the textile industry.

Our throws are crafted from recycled yarn, upcycling textile landfill waste into luxurious products, spotlighting our dedication to a circular economy.

Handwoven fabrics ensure zero emissions, a vital step towards solving the problem of textile landfill waste, with every 100 meters of fabric woven stopping approximately 92kg CO2 emissions.


Experience the epitome of sustainable luxury with our Artisan Handcrafted Throw, meticulously crafted by women artisans. Not just an ordinary throw, our product stands as a testament to innovative fabric finishes, ensuring durability and comfort. Each throw transforms textile landfill waste into luxurious, unique home decor, affirming Punar's commitment to the environment and social responsibility.

Fabric Care: Cold hand wash only, dry in shade. Do not bleach or tumble dry, and avoid dry cleaning to preserve the fabric's integrity and the environment.

Punar is dedicated to enriching the lives of women weavers in India, turning 121 kg of landfill waste into cherished household items, saving 510,000 litres of water, and ceasing 92kg CO2 emissions with every 100 meters of fabric woven by hand.

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