Meet Sophie, the Founder of Seed & Sprout

by Green Friday Team

Meet Sophie, the Founder of Seed & Sprout

We are thrilled to have Sophie Kovic, Founder of Seed & Sprout join us as a brand ambassador for this year's Green Friday. Not only is she an incredible entrepreneur, but she is also pioneering sustainability by making it accessible to everyone. To date, Seed & Sprout are known for being trailblazers in creating plastic-free, practical, innovative, and ethical products that lessen the impact on our beautiful world. 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Sophie to get to know more about her and the Seed & Sprout mission: 

When did you start Seed & Sprout and why?

I started it when my son first started school. I was trying to find a solution to packing a plastic-free lunch and couldn't find anything that was sustainable and functional that didn't look ugly and that’s when Seed and Sprout was born.

Pictured Crunch & Lunch Bundle from Seed & Sprout.

Your mission at Seed & Sprout is to not only do less harm but to do more good. Can you talk a bit more about how sustainability is at the core of your business? 

At the end of the day, I don’t think there are many excuses for not doing good business. Consumers want to contribute to a positive world and as business owners, if we’re not doing everything we can to facilitate that then I think we really have the wrong idea. Yes, it has its challenges but at the end of the day, good business is good business. Everybody should be working on solutions to create a better future, in my opinion!

What is your proudest accomplishment to date? 

The thing that I am most proud of is knowing that I’ve been a part of inspiring individuals to make positive changes in a pretty mainstream way. I’m proud of the way that we made sustainability accessible.

What do you love the most about your Seed & Sprout community? 

I think the Seed and Sprout community is a community with heart. People want to do the best that they can and I think that kind of environment fosters a lot of support and kindness.

What’s your favourite Seed & Sprout product right now? 

I can’t really go past the Shampoo Bar in Rose Geranium. I have used it religiously for years now and I honestly wouldn’t use anything else

Pictured Shampoo Bar in Rose Geranium from Seed & Sprout.

What is your message to those who are starting out on their sustainability journey? 

Baby steps are fine, you don't need to change everything at once but just make sure that you’re moving in a positive direction rather than neutral or negative. Those actions will compound over time and you will eventually end up in a place that you never expected for yourself!

Why was it important for you that Seed & Sprout join the Green Friday movement? 

Conscious consumerism feels like somewhat of an oxymoron, however, the truth is we want our products to be accessible to our community regardless of their privilege, financial position, or otherwise. It’s important for brands to make their products accessible to people who need them and for consumers to have transparency about which brands they are supporting.

We are so excited to share incredible sustainability-focused deals from Seed & Sprout during Green Friday! You'll be able to find Seed & Sprout's deals from the 18th-21st November.

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