Our favourite influencers that we think you should be following

by Green Friday

Our favourite influencers that we think you should be following

Navigating the realm of sustainability influencers can feel overwhelming, as countless companies and individuals strive to make a difference in the world, one post at a time. Whether you are looking for ideas on minimising food waste in your home, drawing inspiration for your garden, or getting tired of fast fashion, we’ve curated a selection of top sustainable influencers. From grassroots entrepreneurs to impactful individuals, these influencers are dedicated to making a positive change in the world. 

Here are our all time favourite eco-friendly influencers to inspire your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 


Spicy Moustache

Driven by a desire to impart his knowledge and inspire others, Alessandro embarked on a journey into content creation, aiming to encourage individuals to reconnect with the natural world, cultivate their own sustenance, and adopt eco-conscious practices.

As the founder of Spicy Moustache, Alessandro has dedicated his digital platform to  educating and empowering his audience in the art of urban gardening and cooking with minimal waste. His website also offers a treasure trove of valuable gardening insights, complemented by his ebook renowned for its mantra, "How 20 minutes a day can sustain you for a year."

Follow Alessandro's Instagram for more tips on growing food and reducing food waste: @_spicymoustache_ 


Lost Hearts

Caitlin Reid, based in Brisbane, launched her brand Lost Hearts in September 2022. Her passion for sewing with second hand materials enables her to upcycle materials into handbags and minidresses. 

Every creation within her collection is meticulously crafted from recycled materials, reflecting her dedication to environmental consciousness.

Additionally, Caitlin operates a circularity program that promotes sustainability further. This initiative encourages customers to return items they no longer need, in exchange for a discount on their next purchase, fostering a cycle of reuse and reducing waste. 

Follow them on their Instagram account for updates on future restocks and upcoming designs! @lost.hearts_the.label


Laura Wells

A Science communicator, presenter, environmental advocate, model and social media professional from Sydney. With an extensive range as a presenter, she has been showcased in content for esteemed platforms such as National Geographic and children's science TV programs on Channel 7. Currently, Laura can be seen on the sustainability series "Planet Shapers". As an ambassador for MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), Laura's passion for environmental advocacy extends to championing diversity for women in STEM fields. Her mission is to inspire others to promote inclusivity and diversity in all spheres.

Follow Laura on Instagram to join her journey towards a more sustainable world.



Planet Shapers

Planet Shapers is a TV series showcasing stories of sustainability innovators across various domains. The expert storytellers aim to inspire change by highlighting individuals and organisations making a positive impact on our world.

Stay updated with their latest stories by following them on Instagram! @planetshapers



Nikki, a mature user-generated content creator, is deeply passionate about beauty products. With a dedicated following of over 5000 on Instagram, she shares insightful reviews, particularly focusing on eco-friendly skincare options. 

Nikki has partnered with various renowned brands like Priceline, Bondi Boost, Wishtrend, Alphaskincare, and more. 

Explore her Instagram account for beauty tips, eco-friendly advice, and comprehensive reviews covering skincare products and other sustainable items. @nikkis.beauty.bar



With a commitment to slow fashion, Maggie Zhou shares a vibrant tapestry of style that emphasises eco-conscious choices and mindful consumption. 

From thrifted fashion finds to insights into sustainable brands, Maggie offers a unique perspective on blending style with eco-friendly choices, creating a space where conscious living is celebrated. 

Join Yemagz on her journey towards a more sustainable and stylish lifestyle, proving that fashion can be a force for positive change. @yemagz



Sara Goddard, an environmental consultant, shares numerous sustainable lifestyle tips on her website. Featuring a wealth of articles and informative Q&A sessions on recycling. Her website also hosts an extensive instructional guide aimed at educating readers about green definitions, terms, and phrases, particularly beneficial for those new to sustainability and environmental awareness. 

Check her out on her socials for more information about eco-friendly gift giving, reducing energy use and to learn about the best environmental books. @greenthatlife



Lindsay Miles is all about living with less waste by taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. In 2013, Lindsay started posting her ideas on her blog, sharing tips, insights and advice, helping her readers on how to live a better life by reducing waste and usage. 

Lindsay, having been featured on the TEDx stage and interviewed by the BBC, delivers workshops and runs courses on living with less waste and steps towards sustainable living. Her Instagram features a lot of sustainable content, made to inspire a healthy and positive impact on the planet.

Follow her on IG to learn more! @treadingmyownpath


Faye De Lanty 

Faye, a sustainable fashion advocate, shares content that promotes conscious consumer choices and a mindful approach to personal style.

Renowned as the Australian ambassador for Salvos Stores, a significant aspect of her endeavors revolves around promoting second-hand clothing. With unwavering dedication, she inspires others by showcasing the style and versatility of thrifted garments. Her commitment to sharing her passion culminated in the publication of her self-published thrift bible, "OPSHOPULENCE," which has earned acclaim as her bestselling work.

Follow her on IG to learn more about sustainable fashion. @fayedelanty



Claire Goldsworthy hosts the #1 digital community and mentoring program for AUS and NZ slow fashion brands. Her mentoring program has helped businesses grow within the slow fashion circle, promoting ethical and sustainable practices together as a community. 

Follow her to learn more about how you can grow sustainability within the fashion industry! @thefashionadvocate



The Wardrobe Crisis is a platform dedicated to eco-friendly fashion, driven by their passion for communication, education and sharing knowledge and stories about sustainable clothing. Their commitment to advocate for a more equitable, eco-conscious and cleaner future in fashion has emerged through podcasts, online courses, newsletters and social media that all educates followers about fashion ethics and environmental sustainability. 

Follow them on IG to learn more! @thewardrobecrisis



Carleigh Bodrug, hailing from Ontario, is a self-taught plant-based cook and content creator. She founded PlantYou in 2016 as a humble blog to share delicious recipes that facilitated her transition into a plant-based lifestyle. 

With over 7 million followers across her social media platforms, her content now features cooking videos and recipes promoting a low-waste, plant-based diet. Additionally, as a New York Times bestselling author, her eagerly awaited "Scrappy Cookbook" offers over 150 whole-food, plant-based recipes, demonstrating how readers can utilise ingredients from their fridge and pantry with accessible and easy vegan recipes. 

Follow her on IG to learn more about diets that are conscious for the environment! @plantyou



Bren, is an Irish gardener, focused on sustainability by growing her own crops and flowers. Helping promote an organic ecosystem from the backyard. Focusing on video creation on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, Bren educates her followers on ways to support wildlife, seasonal crop harvests, and her adventures around the garden. With lots of informative videos on the types of flowers and fruits grown in her garden, there is lots to learn about how to start a garden on her social media.

Follow them on IG to learn more! @ggthegardengirl



Jhánneu Roberts, a sustainability advocate, content creator, and speaker based in Los. Her content is geared towards promoting a low-waste lifestyle, designed to be inclusive and accessible to diverse audiences.

Spanning Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and her blog, Jhánneu curates a diverse array of sustainability content, including reviews, roundups, tips, and tricks. She offers insights on eco-friendly practices for the kitchen, strategies for zero waste grocery shopping, and guidance on transitioning into a role as a sustainability advocate. Additionally, she shares a travel journal documenting sustainable practices from various cultures around the world.

Follow her on IG to learn more about her sustainability journey! @jhanneu



Robin Greenfield is a truth-seeker, activist, advocate for social reform, and devoted steward of the Earth, humanity, and our fellow plant and animal inhabitants. On the path of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30, he realised he couldn't continue exploiting the Earth. Now, Robin lives simply and sustainably as a means of living in truth and integrity, rejecting the societal standards of consumerism. He directs 100% of his media earnings to grassroots nonprofits, particularly focusing on empowering Black and Indigenous women-led organisations.

Follow him on his journey towards living sustainably, in harmony with Earth. @robjgreenfield



From eco-conscious fashionistas to urban gardeners, these influencers have not only inspired us with their creativity and innovation but have also provided tangible solutions for leading more sustainable lifestyles.

As we reflect on the stories and contributions of these remarkable individuals, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the power of influence extends far beyond social media likes and followers. It's about sparking meaningful change, fostering awareness, and empowering others to join the collective effort towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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