Shop back-to-school the eco-friendly way

by Green Friday

Shop back-to-school the eco-friendly way

Back-to-school prep is well underway and it’s essential to ensure your kids are prepared and ready to tackle the new school year. 

Reuse what you have! 

Our #1 tip is to take inventory of what’s already at home. You can save yourself a lot of cash, and stress, by reusing products purchased last year. However, if you are like many other Aussie families, and you have utilised the break to do some essential summer decluttering, then we’ve got you covered with some hot tips for how to nail your back-to-school shopping, the sustainable way. 

Just as we want to set up our kids with the right tools to succeed this school year, we need to think consciously about purchasing school supplies and how these items can impact our environment. We want to create a positive world for future generations, where they can thrive and achieve their dreams. So, we need to help our planet now by shopping consciously and mindfully. 

Plant-friendly notebooks? Yes, please!

Notably, if you haven’t heard of Notely I’m not sure where you’ve been hiding. This brand features Australian-made, artist-designed and eco-friendly stationery, notebooks, planners and so much more! Their notebook range contains a variety of sizes, from A4 to A6, to suit the needs of all students and subjects. And of course, you cannot look past their wall planner range, which will make organisation for this school year a breeze. 

“Australian parents spend a staggering $562 million on new school supplies every year with nearly 10% of families admitting to throwing away old school supplies that were in a good condition” (Source: EcoVoice). So, you can breathe easier knowing that 1 tree will be planted for every Notely purchase, and every 3rd order protects an extra 2 meters squared of Australian native rainforest (Source: Notely). Many of Notely’s products utilise recyclable and planet-friendly materials which help to reduce the impact of school supply waste on the environment. 

Did you know a lunch box can last a lifetime?!

We cannot talk about back-to-school essentials without talking about Seed & Sprout. As a business, they are continually striving to do the MOST for our planet to create a better future for everyone. Through their focus on innovating ethical products, that provide the perfect sustainable dupes for common harmful household products, Seed & Sprout is making huge contributions to helping our planet. Their whole range of back-to-school items is incredible. But…if we must pick a favourite, it would have to be the Mini Crunchbox. Genuinely cannot believe how perfect this lunch box is for kids, between the leakproof lid and environmentally friendly packaging, you won’t have to buy another lunch box ever again!

Stumped on ideas for easy, healthy kids' meals? Go! Kidz has got you covered! 

Go! Kidz has made cooking for your kids that much easier with its super cheap, hassle-free, and healthy meals for kids. We all know how crazy the beginning of the new school year can be. Between homework, extracurricular activities and social commitments, Go! Kidz’ ready-to-eat meals are perfect for those busy weeknights in frenzied households. The best part is, their meals are made from 100% natural Australian ingredients. So, these are a great way to ensure your kids are being fuelled with the freshest Aussie fruits and vegetables, to keep them healthy and ready to learn. Better for your kids, better for the planet! 

Last but not least, we recommend shopping secondhand for your back-to-school essentials wherever possible! Not only will you be saving cash when you opt for secondhand textbooks, uniforms and technology, but you will also be minimising the environmental impact of your kid's school supplies, by contributing to the circular economy and reducing waste.

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