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Our commitment

Our online store is built to hero our supplier partners - not just big names but also small, local manufacturers. Helping small businesses build their communities on our site is a win-win, and we’re extremely proud to range a growing number of socially responsible* brands at Healthylife. *Throughout the following text we reference brands that we range which are relevant to Green Friday as 'socially responsible', meaning that these brands have sustainable certification/s.

Our Sustainability Framework

  • What is your company doing to reduce your emissions or combat key environmental issues (e.g. waste (packaging, end of life product strategy or recycling), biodiversity, land use, water, chemical use, energy use, and natural resource use etc.)?

    We’re proud to range a number of businesses on our site that have a strong commitment to the environment. This includes Ethique (B Corp), Byron Bay Coffee Co (Rainforest Alliance Certified) and Organic Times (Fairtrade Certified) to name a few.

  • Do you partner with ethical factories that meet international labor standards? What processes have you implemented to make your supply chain more sustainable?

    We strive to work with brands that have ethical and transparent supply chains, and are proud to work with certified fair trade brands such as KOOSHOO and Organic Times who are committed to operating consciously.

  • How does your company give back to the community (e.g. financial donations, volunteering, partnerships etc.)?

    At a supplier-level, we’re thrilled to hero a growing number of brands on our site that actively give back to the community, including the likes of Ethique and Koala Eco.

  • How has your company made a commitment to achieve and maintain inclusion & diversity (e.g. Gender / Race / Ethnicity / National Origin / Sexual Orientation / Religion / Disability / Age)?

    We aim to be inclusive of our diverse community in everything we do, and our healthylife Advisory Board is instrumental in this process. The healthylife Advisory Board draws upon the experience, skills, and knowledge of a range of health professionals who have practical experience in the health industry. They ensure the information we develop is evidence-based with expert insight and guidance to ensure it is highly credible, unbiased, and highly scientific. As part of this oversight, the Advisory Board team is in the process of developing guidelines to champion inclusivity and diversity in the way we speak about health.

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