We are an Australian family run innovative business which cares about the environment. Using science as our guide we re: think the way products are used to help lessen our footprint.

Our commitment

Through our products we are removing single use plastic from the equation, reducing carbon in the atmosphere and lessening waste anxiety, one household at a time. We use science as the basis for what we do and with the advances currently available, we strive to create highly effective carbon neutral plastic free products.

Our Sustainability Framework

  • What is your company doing to reduce your emissions or combat key environmental issues (e.g. waste (packaging, end of life product strategy or recycling), biodiversity, land use, water, chemical use, energy use, and natural resource use etc.)?

    ecyo set an aggressive target to provide effective solutions for consumers that provide quality cleaning and personal care products, that eliminates plastic and reduces carbon emissions, without producing any chemical residue that harms the environment. The ecyo products are amongst the first that have solved the pollution and waste problem of packaging, shipping and chemical formulations.

  • How are the products your company offers made from environmentally friendly materials (e.g. recycled, organic materials)?

    Packaging - Boxes and cylinders : made from at least 80% recycled board and is recyclable and compostable. Coating of pods: PVOH is dissolvable in water does not last in the environment and it doesn't harm us or anything else. Included labels in cleaning products: Coated in wax to protect them liquids and are compostable.

  • Do you partner with ethical factories that meet international labor standards? What processes have you implemented to make your supply chain more sustainable?

    Yes, the factory is owned in part by our family. It is family run and we vist as often as possible.

  • How does your company give back to the community (e.g. financial donations, volunteering, partnerships etc.)?

    We plant a tree on our families properties for every online order over $30 and also donate to plastic removal programs via B1G1.

  • How has your company made a commitment to achieve and maintain inclusion & diversity (e.g. Gender / Race / Ethnicity / National Origin / Sexual Orientation / Religion / Disability / Age)?

    ecyo has a strong moral compass. We care about the people in our organisation, the suppliers we work with, the impact we have on the planet. - We have integrity. - We are honest and transparent in all our business processes. - We are approachable.

  • How does your circular model or circular initiative work?

    Currently cleaning sprays and soaps are designed to be single-use, are made from plastic and contain large amounts of water (90-95%). Using ecyo concentrates give the same or better cleaning while allowing you to re-use your bottles, thus drastically minimising the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill and the amount of heavy water being shipped around the world.

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