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Organic Cotton Pillow Protector

The Natural Bedding Company
Crafted from certified organic cotton, this quilted pillow protector offers extra comfort while ensuring a sustainable sleep environment.
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The Natural Bedding Company
Fulfilled by The Natural Bedding Company

Key Features

Certified organic cotton
Quilted for extra comfort
Moisture-wicking for a cool sleep
Machine washable up to 30°C
Zip enclosure for full pillow protection


Crafted from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, this pillow protector reinforces our commitment to reducing environmental impact and utilising renewable materials.

The organic cotton used is cultivated with practices that minimize water consumption, contributing to more responsible water use in textile production.

Organic cotton production eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, safeguarding water quality and biodiversity.

Embracing sustainability at every step, our packaging is designed to be minimal and made from recycled materials wherever possible, ensuring reduced environmental footprint.


The Organic Cotton Pillow Protector from The Natural Bedding Company represents the pinnacle of sustainable bedroom essentials. Encased in GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, this pillow protector not only surrounds you in breathable comfort but also upholds your commitment to eco-friendly living. Its quilted design adds an extra layer of coziness, while the moisture-wicking properties ensure a comfortable and cool night's sleep. The zippered enclosure provides comprehensive protection for your pillow, keeping it fresh and extending its lifespan. Machine washable for easy care, it's the perfect addition to any eco-conscious household. Care Instructions: Easily care for your organic protector by machine washing on a gentle cycle up to 30°C and line dry.

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