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Leaf Leather Slim Line Bag

Karuna Dawn
A sleek and versatile leaf leather bag, perfect for minimalists.
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Karuna Dawn
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Key Features

Converts to a clutch
Made from fallen Teak leaves
Non-toxic, waterproof, and durable
Handmade, vegan and cruelty-free


The Leaf Leather Slim Line Bag is crafted from sustainable leaf leather, derived from fallen Teak leaves, promoting a more responsible use of resources.

Produced in partnership with rural communities in Thailand, each bag purchase contributes to providing economic opportunities and supporting the local workforce.

This product is handmade with a commitment to low carbon emissions and minimized material waste, reflecting sustainable manufacturing practices.

Committing to cruelty-free practices, this bag is a testament to compassionate fashion, using vegan materials and avoiding any animal harm in its making.

Embracing circularity, the Leaf Leather Slim Line Bag is designed with durability in mind and encourages a reduction in waste through the utilization of natural, biodegradable materials.


Made from fallen Teak leaves in northern Thailand, the Leaf Leather Slim Line Bag is designed for those who seek style and sustainability in equal measure. The bag features a non-toxic film for colour and durability, making it waterproof and long-lasting. Each piece is unique, carrying the natural imprint of the leaves, celebrating the beauty of nature in every design. Ethically and fairly made, this bag supports rural communities, providing economic opportunities through sustainable practices. Wear it across your body or as a clutch by removing the shoulder strap to suit your style.

Care Instructions:

Gently clean with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately. Avoid harsh chemicals and prolonged exposure to sunlight to maintain the natural colours and texture of your leaf leather bag.

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