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Green Toiletries Bag

Karuna Dawn
Eco-friendly toiletries bag crafted from fallen Teak leaves, embodying sustainability and style.
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Karuna Dawn
Fulfilled by Karuna Dawn

Key Features

Handmade by Northern Thai artisans
Vegan & cruelty-free, using sustainable Teak leaves
Waterproof and durable with a non-toxic sealant
Unique design - no two bags are alike
Features an outside pocket and a hanger loop for convenience


Karuna Dawn collaborates with Northern Thai artisans, offering fair wages and supporting the local economy. Each purchase directly contributes to the artisans' welfare, empowering them and their communities.

Our Teak leaves are sustainably sourced, falling naturally and collected without harming the trees. This process ensures a renewable resource that reduces waste and promotes environmental conservation.

The use of fallen Teak leaves supports the forest’s natural cycle, contributing to biodiversity by allowing new foliage to grow, thus supporting a variety of life forms in the ecosystems.


Embrace nature’s elegance with our Green Toiletries Bag, a testament to ethical craftsmanship and environmental respect.

Crafted with love in Northern Thailand, this toiletries bag is not only a storage solution but a statement of sustainable living. Utilising fallen Teak leaves, it is dyed with vibrant, natural hues and sealed with a non-toxic film, offering a durable, waterproof companion for your travels or daily needs. Its unique leaf pattern ensures no two pieces are alike, celebrating the individuality of nature.

Convenient Features: Boasting an outside pocket and a hanger loop, it’s designed for both travel and daily use. Whether it’s holding your makeup, bathroom essentials, or even tech accessories, this bag accommodates with style and purpose.

Care for your Green Toiletries Bag: To ensure longevity, gently clean with a damp cloth. Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods to preserve the natural colours.

By choosing Karuna Dawn, you support fair trade practices, empower rural artisans, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Each purchase is a step towards a kinder, greener planet.

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