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Drops | Sterling Silver Ring

ALTRA jewellery
An exquisite band inspired by a cascade of drops, crafted for a timeless appeal.
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ALTRA jewellery
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Key Features

Inspired by natural forms
Crafted with recycled sterling silver
Elegant and timeless design
Available in multiple sizes


Crafted exclusively from recycled sterling silver, the Drops Ring epitomises conscientious jewellery design, directly contributing to reduced demand for newly mined metals and promoting a more sustainable fashion industry.

ALTRA Jewellery ensures ethical sourcing for all materials, in alignment with the Responsible Jewellery Council's standards, to not support activities that benefit conflict, violence, and human rights abuses.

Adopts 100% recycled acrylic and biodegradable foam in packaging, aligning with ALTRA's goal to minimise waste and support a circular economy. Customers are encouraged to return packaging to close the loop further.


The Drops Ring from ALTRA Jewellery celebrates the simple beauty of nature through its unique design, reminiscent of water droplets cascading in a serene environment. Each ring is meticulously handcrafted from recycled sterling silver, highlighting ALTRA's commitment to sustainability without compromising on style. Key Features: - Eco-Friendly Materials: Utilises recycled sterling silver to minimise environmental impact. - Unique Design: Inspired by the elegance and fluidity of natural water drops. - Versatile Wear: Perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Care Instructions: Maintain the lustrous shine of your Drops Ring by gently polishing with a soft cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals. For any adjustments or repairs, ALTRA Jewellery offers comprehensive support, ensuring your piece remains timeless. Embrace elegance and environmental responsibility with ALTRA Jewellery, where every piece tells a story of beauty and sustainability.

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