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Italian Spiga Necklace

ALTRA jewellery
Elegant 9k gold Spiga chain, embodying timeless craftsmanship and ethical luxury.
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ALTRA jewellery
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Key Features

Twisted figure-eight link design
Available in 45cm and 50cm lengths
Crafted from recycled 9k gold


ALTRA jewellery ensures ethical and sustainable practices by sourcing all materials from certified suppliers that do not support activities benefiting conflict, violence, and human rights abuses. Our Spiga Necklace is made from recycled 9k gold, embodying our commitment to responsible material sourcing.

The gold used in our Italian Spiga Necklace is sourced from recycled materials, highlighting our dedication to minimizing waste and promoting circularity in the jewellery industry.

By using recycled gold, ALTRA jewellery significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with mining new gold, underscoring our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.


The Italian Spiga Necklace from ALTRA jewellery heralds not just sophistication but also conscious creation. With its intricate, plaited pattern, achieved through the linking of twisted, teardrop-shaped links, this necklace is a tangible reflection of craftsmanship and ethical luxury. Available in lengths of 45cm and 50cm, it's perfect for various styles and occasions. Carefully crafted from recycled 9k gold, it showcases ALTRA's commitment to sustainable practices and quality. Embrace timeless elegance that doesn't compromise on ethical values.

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