The Ironclad Burger Press - 18CM

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The Ironclad Co.

Product Description:

Create pro-level mouthwatering smashed burgers with the Ironclad Burger Press. Perfect searlines. Crispy, cracked edges. And a juicy centre. Say no more. Well, a little bit more. You can preheat the press on the BBQ and cook burgers from both the top down and the bottom up. So burgers will cook evenly and in half the time. It’s also great for weighting toasted sandwiches in your Legacy or searing fish to get incredible crispy skin. The Ironclad Burger Press is made from premium cast iron, with a lovingly handcrafted Rimu handle. Given the handles are made from recycled timber, the wood varies in shade and colour. So every burger press will be beautifully unique.

Our Commitment

We want people to shop well, and buy once. When you buy an Ironclad, you, your kids and your kids' kids are guaranteed never to need to buy or throwaway another pan. Our products have multi-purpose functionality at the heart of their design. And since we put millions of Teflon-coated pans into landfill every year in Australia, buying one quality, locally-made thing that's guaranteed for 100 years will reduce the number of pans we send to landfill every year. All of our materials are locally-sourced, reducing our environmental footprint, and we employ local labour and pay them fairly, contributing to our local workforce and economy.


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