Our Story

What is Green Friday?

Green Friday originated as a movement to challenge the narrative around mass overconsumption, particularly evident during traditional sales periods. It is an initiative by a Sydney-based startup aiming to reduce environmental impact by promoting sustainability, re-commerce, and the circular economy. This platform gives recognition to brands that are actively making efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, offering consumers a sustainable shopping alternative.

What was the origin of Green Friday?

In 2021, we began to observe the frenzy and mass overconsumption that occurs around sales periods such as Black Friday, Click Frenzy and Cyber Monday. Then, we realised there was no alternative in the market that caters to the growing eco-conscious consumer, who prefers to shop from reputable sustainability-focused brands. Insert Green Friday. We believe that brands doing more for our planet deserve recognition, awareness and a platform to shine. Simultaneously, we believe that consumers deserve the opportunity to make informed decisions about their purchases and to support brands that align with their morals and values. So, our inaugural event ran at the same time as the Black Friday - Cyber Monday period. We partnered with 23 incredible Australian brands who are passionate about reducing waste and promoting ethical consumption. We believe that if we are going to consume, we need to do it the right way, with consideration for our environment because our future depends on it.

In 2022, Green Friday was a 4-day retail event, that allowed Australian consumers to shop sustainability-focused deals and ethical offers, with consideration and mindfulness. The event grew tremendously, featuring over 150+ incredible Australian retailers and brands, who had offers within the sustainability, re-commerce and circular economy space. On Green Friday, we gave these brands the platform to educate consumers by showcasing their sustainability journeys and feature some exclusive deals!

In 2023, we are launching Australia’s sustainability-focused retail movement, including featuring more informative sustainability content and more highly anticipated, sustainability-focused events and deals. Participating brands will now have a year-round presence on the Green Friday website to showcase where they are at on their sustainability journey and promote sustainability-focused deals. Additionally, we are launching Green Friday, Buy Better, a world-class newsletter curated just for YOU. This newsletter will feature Friday Finds, being our top picks of sustainability-focused deals and also authentic and informative sustainability content, including green news and sustainability tips!

What is Green Friday’s vision for the future?

So where to from here, our mission is rooted in a deep commitment to our planet. We are dedicated to encouraging and empowering Australians like you to make mindful, sustainable choices in your purchases. Together, we can create a significant positive impact on our environment.

Green Friday is more than just an event; it is a movement. The initial success of our test sales event in November 2021, followed by the official event in 2022, has shown us the potential for a powerful transformation in the way we approach consumerism. We applaud the incredible businesses that operate within sustainability, re-commerce, and the circular economy space. Their commitment to the planet inspires us, and we want to shine a bright spotlight on their efforts.

As we move forward, we envision a marketplace that fosters community engagement and sustains Green Friday's values throughout the year. Our goal is to empower you, our consumers, with an ongoing platform where you can make sustainable choices every day. Imagine a world where Green Friday becomes a weekly event, providing you with opportunities to make simple changes in your life each and every Friday to live more sustainably. Your journey towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle will be guided and supported by a peer-to-peer community, where everyone shares their insights and recommendations with one another.

To make this vision a reality, we are committed to providing you with a wealth of knowledge and educational content. Each Friday, our website will feature articles and newsletters introducing you to new brands, sharing their sustainability journeys, and offering valuable insights. We want to be your trusted source of information, guiding you on your path to a greener lifestyle.

We also recognise the crucial role that brands play in our journey toward sustainability. That is why we are committed to supporting them in their own sustainability journeys. Our platform will serve as a means for brands to transparently share their progress, achievements, and future plans with you, our valued consumers. Together, we will help shape a future where businesses prioritise the well-being of our planet.

So that brings us to 2024, and we are excited to be launching our “beta” Buy Better Marketplace, bringing you knowledge, inspiration and access to the industries most sustainable products and services. Join us as we evolve, iterate and grow alongside you in this sustainability journey.

How do we choose our brands?

Not all brands can participate in Green Friday. We choose to work exclusively with brands that are committed to their sustainability journey and helping Aussie consumers buy better. Each of our brands has a dedicated brand page where you can learn more about the business, and where they are at in their sustainability journey. This helps you as the consumer, to be more conscious of your purchases, and decide to support brands that align with your values.

How does Green Friday contribute to sustainability?

By working exclusively with brands committed to their sustainability journey and helping Australian consumers make better purchasing decisions. Through a detailed sustainability framework for brand partners, Green Friday maintains a transparent relationship between consumers and brands, helping them support businesses that align with their values. Moreover, Green Friday extends its commitment through partnerships with organizations like Good360, 1% for the Planet, and others to directly engage in sustainability initiatives, reinforcing the movement to be about more than just conscious shopping.

For brands and merchants interested in joining this transformative platform, Green Friday offers not just a marketplace but a community united by a shared mission to foster a sustainable future. It's a collective journey toward a world where every purchase reflects consideration for our planet's well-being.