The Natural Bedding Company

The Natural Bedding Company has a focus on sustainable & Australian production and design. Using the highest quality organic & natural materials to expertly handcraft their range of mattresses pillows & beautiful hardwood timber bedroom furniture.


Our Commitment

The Natural Bedding Company is constantly seeking new ways to offset emissions and the environmental impact of our operations. When it comes to manufacturing we don't use any toxic chemicals, predominantly handcraft our products and work to reduce as much wastage as possible. Other elements of our manufacturing where we have reduced our impact is through only using natural cleaning products, turning off all lights and power points when not in use/at end of day & installing a solar heated water tank. Looking at our despatch and shipping practices; we use eco mailers and cardboard boxes that are made up of 80%-100% recycled materials for shipping and our smaller products come in re-useable and multi-purpose cloth packaging. For internal transfers & sending goods to stockists, we opt for re-using cardboard boxes, with packaging waste segregated into recyclables and general waste by every team member. As mentioned in our brand commitment, we source and manufacture with materials that can be either recycled, repurposed or composted at the end of their life. We source our latex from the worlds first carbon neutral certified organic manufacturer and are committed to consistently looking at better more environmentally sound processes.

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