Ultimate Toddler Gift Set

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Ultimate Toddler Gift Set

The Mizzie The Kangaroo "Ultimate Toddler Gift Set" is a great development tool from 2-4 years of age and is the perfect gift to stimulate toddlers, challenging their little minds in a fun way.

This gift set includes:

*1 x Musical Hop Out Mizzie, is a classic and fun developmental toy with so many learning benefits! Also known as a ‘Jack in the box’.

* 3 x Collectible Puzzles (Hopping around QLD, VIC and NSW) highlighting much-loved Aussie tourist destinations.

* 1x Mizzie Puzzle Box Set - Hopping Around Australia, including 3 individual puzzles increasing in difficulty from 4, 6, to 9 pieces.

*1x Mizzie The Kangaroo's 'Mizzie Memory Match & Flash Cards'! A multi-level memory match and flashcard game to flourish the curious toddlers' mind

The Ultimate Toddler Gift Set is delivered as individual products.

Our Commitment

We are very proud to be entering a into a World’s first recycling programme: from November onwards, every single Mizzie The Kangaroo's natural Rubber teethers (mini Mizzie and Mizzie Original) will be able to be recycled at the world’s leader in clean conversions (low emissions, no hazardous by-products, requires no chemical intervention and is the only process that meets the standard emissions criteria set by the Australian regulators for this type of technology), whereby our rubber will be repurposed to build roads across Australia.

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