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Product Description:

The Joyrolla reusable shopping bag is your everyday carrying companion. Carries way more than a handful and less than a truckload. Use it for everything…groceries, beach and daily adventures. We do.

Say goodbye to messy and bulky grocery totes. Say hello to a plastic-free life.

- Holds 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff.
- Extra long handles to sit comfy over the shoulder.
- Rolls into a handy carry pouch. Perfect for storing in your handbag or car.
- Reinforced stitching for extra strength.

Capacity - 21 litres
Reusable shopping bags size - 66cm X 38cm X 14cm
Pouch size - 7cm x 11cm
Made from light-weight, durable Ripstop nylon

Care Instructions:
Prints are made to age like your favourite vintage T.
Hand wash in warm water, line dry.

Our Commitment

At Joyrolla we believe in making products that are will last for many years in the hope that we can change the disposable mindset we find ourselves in today. For the Joyrolla Cart we’ve carefully selected 100% recycled nylon fabric and have used recycled cardboard, soy based inks and zero plastic packaging. The Joyrolla Cart is made to buck the trend of the disposable lifestyle with a modular design so you can replace the bag, wheels or cart as needed. Walking is the new car. World wide we are seeing concepts for a cities in which citizens can access their daily necessities by foot or by bike within 15-20 minutes of their home. This type of city will also help cut fossil fuel usage, carbon emissions and air pollution and, in turn, improve the health of both people and the planet. We see Joyrolla being an integral part of this new style of living in both Australia and abroad.


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