Homemade Conditioning Balm

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The Ironclad Co.

Product Description:

The majority of our customers choose to buy their skillets unseasoned. This is to avoid any unknown oils or even dyes (often used to blacken discount skillets) ending up in your food. By oiling the raw iron yourself you’ll know exactly what you’re cooking on.

Our homemade conditioning balm is 100% vegan to suit all diets. It’s made with soy, sunflower oil and our native lemon myrtle so you’ll keep both your Ironclad and your gut healthy.

And it's easy to use.

First use: Wash your Ironclad in soapy water. Dry thoroughly. Place onto your stove at a low heat. Ironclad products work on all stovetops, including induction. Once all moisture has gone and the pan is just warm enough to melt butter, rub ¼ tsp of the conditioning balm all over it. Top and bottom. Try and get the balm into all of the nooks and crannies. Once done, rub off all excess balm and place into the oven upside-down. Bake for 1 hour at the highest temperature. And that’s it.

If you find that you’ve got an uneven finish, don’t worry that’s perfectly normal. It just means that the coating wasn’t perfectly even. You can use it immediately. Or, if you’re a perfectionist, simply repeat the process. Making sure to wipe off all of the excess balm before placing it back into the oven. After a few uses your Ironclad will become a beautiful licorice black.

Ongoing: After cleaning and drying your Ironclad, place it onto the stove. Once all of the moisture has gone and the pan is just warm enough to melt butter, rub ¼ tsp of the conditioning balm all over it. Top and bottom. Rub off any excess and you’re done.

One balm will last one Ironclad about a month.

Our Commitment

We want people to shop well, and buy once. When you buy an Ironclad, you, your kids and your kids' kids are guaranteed never to need to buy or throwaway another pan. Our products have multi-purpose functionality at the heart of their design. And since we put millions of Teflon-coated pans into landfill every year in Australia, buying one quality, locally-made thing that's guaranteed for 100 years will reduce the number of pans we send to landfill every year. All of our materials are locally-sourced, reducing our environmental footprint, and we employ local labour and pay them fairly, contributing to our local workforce and economy.


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