Worthy Drink Bottles

Worthy bottles are designed and made in Melbourne from 100% sustainably grown Sugarcane. They are eco-friendly (carbon neutral and zero waste), non-toxic and 100% recyclable (should you ever consider parting ways with your bottle)


Our Commitment

We get our sugarcane from Braskem who are world leaders in sustainability practices. The sugarcane is grown in a biodiverse and sustainable way where natural resources are used to grow the crops with minimal use of chemicals. The main resources are sun, rain water and the sugarcane waste (begasse) is used to power the factory. We manufacture the bottles locally in Melbourne to reduce travel emission and support the local economy. We use recycled cardboard for our packaging that is also made locally in Melbourne, reducing emissions. We use compostable mailers to send our products, compostable tape and we use delivery partners that carbon offset or are carbon neutral.

Our Sustainability Framework

Emissions and Key Environmental Issues


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