Wholesome Market

Born from the belief that nourishing, high quality, planet-friendly products should be available to everyone, Wholesome is the eco-health pantry that makes a difference at every step.


Our Commitment

We closely monitor our carbon emissions and strive to reduce our footprint as much as possible. Operationally, we have implemented sustainable practices in our office and warehouse including renewable energy, recycling and waste management, remote working arrangements and sustainable transportation, among others. We support the local economy, sourcing directly where possible and prioritising Australian brands. All our brand partners are sustainable champions, starting with their ingredients and farming principles to how they package their products, to the causes they support. For order fulfilment we prioritise ground delivery to minimise carbon emissions and our own packaging is 100% post-consumer recyclable or reusable. Where we cannot reduce or eliminate emissions, we offset through Greenfleet to support reforestation projects here in Australia. We support OzHarvest to help fight climate change by diverting food waste from landfill while alleviating hunger. We reward progress and understand that our partners are in different stages of their sustainability journey. If for any reason packaging is not kerb-side recyclable, we offer our customers recycling options through our TerraCycle program.

Our Sustainability Framework

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