Combining a selection of organic, plant or naturally-derived ingredients every Wanderlust product is consciously created with intelligence and purpose, so you can positively support yourself and the planet.


Our Commitment

Wanderlust has joined the ranks of conscious organisations that are committed to using business as a force for good: we are now B Corp certified! Being conscious of our environmental and social impact has always been part of our DNA, so becoming a B Corp was the next obvious step in our journey. Our aim is not only to create high quality plant-based products that bring more wellness to the individual and the planet, but more broadly to lead the entire supplement market in sustainable practice driving innovations across the industry. Our hope is that by being one of the first and few Australian supplement brands to become B Corp certified, we will inspire the industry as a whole to do more good. Living up to a B Corp certification is a big undertaking, but it is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. Going through this process has given us a deeper understanding of how we are tracking and what we were already doing well, and to keep ourselves accountable and challenged to continually do better. This is only the beginning – and we can’t wait to take you along on the journey.

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