To provide affordable, quality, natural and delicious plant-based food and beverage products for everyone to enjoy.


Our Commitment

By providing plant-based alternatives to consumers, we are making it easier for people to adopt a plant-based diet. The benefits of more people on a plant-based diet mean a lower carbon footprint, which naturally helps fight climate change. This is because lower emissions are produced, and less land and water usage are required to produce plant-based food products compared to animal-based products. We also combat the environmental issue of excess waste by ensuring most materials and packaging we use are compostable, recyclable and/or reusable. Such as: • We source our food packaging used at our market stalls through a sustainable company called Greenmark, which supplies naturally made packaging to reduce plastic waste • Our tube containers used to package our hot chocolate powders, matcha and tofu seasoning are made from recyclable materials such as tin and paper. We designed the containers with the goal that they could be reused by the consumer or for curbside recycling • For every customer who purchases our bundle pack, they receive a free reusable cotton produce bag We’ve partnered with i=change, where a dollar of every online sale is donated to one of the three environmental focused charities.

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