Urban Brew

Urban Brew is an Aussie biz serving up freshly-roasted coffee packed into compostable coffee pods. Compatible with Nespresso®, ALDI®, and Caffitaly® machines - providing you with an eco-friendly coffee pod alternative for guilt-free sipping.


Our Commitment

Our coffee suppliers are certified for sustainability (Fairtrade, Volcafe, Bcorp, ISO, rainforest, Organic). These certifications aim to promote welfare of farmed species (coffee) and long-term agricultural productivity, while also regulating the use of chemicals. Coffee beans are sourced only from sustainable sources, which prioritise biodiversity conservation. We only supply from renewably sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging material, as well as implementing recycling programs for our packaging waste. Our capsule is certified industrial compostable, and we process our capsule waste through industrial composting facilities provided through kerbside collection (SA). We also monitor our emissions and pollution under the good air quality category to adhere with EPA requirements and support government's approach towards improving our air quality. We operate through dry process which limits the use of water, utilising water-efficient fixtures and appliances, and use recycled water for outdoor irrigation. We also reuse cardboard trays as storage compartments, a process in place for the past 7 years.

Our Sustainability Framework

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