Ulu Hye

Plant based milk that's better for you and better for the environment! Our Mylk Bases come in a recyclable, reusable glass jar and when added to water and blended, creates up to 10 litres of fresh, creamy milk. No plastic, no waste and no nasties!


Our Commitment

We created Ulu Hye because we wanted to fight the war on plastic waste with a superior alternative milk product that was better for people and better for the environment. The core of our business at Ulu Hye is promoting sustainability. We only work with businesses that have a strong sustainability focus, from where we source our raw materials, to our infinitely recyclable glass jars, eco-printers and manufacturers. Our vision is to reduce the amount of waste and UHT cartons in households, and our mission is to save 10 million of those cartons from landfill.

Our Sustainability Framework

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