We’re kinda a footwear brand. But kinda not really. See, we didn’t agree with the way most shoes were being created. So we decided to create something, well, kinder.


Our Commitment

We’ve been satchel-free for a while now. But shoes still have to come in something, right? We felt boxed in (get it) by old school cardboard, so we thought outside the box (ok, we’ll stop). Our shoe boxes are made with recycled materials that are FSC certified, making it official — we care about the forest. Like, a lot. We’ve also created a first-of-its-kind recycling program, Takesies Backsies, where we take back your old shoes and turn them into office flooring. It’s kinda magic. When it comes to caring for the planet, we believe in walking the talk with our everyday choices. Starting with what we do at TWOOBS HQ. As a business and as a team of planet-lovers, we’ve made a commitment to do everything we can to do things kinda differently in our day-to-day operations. Here’s how: · Solar panels give us clean energy · Apple and citrus trees throughout our rooftop garden for sweet and zesty treats · A rainwater irrigation system saves water · Motion-activated lights save energy · 100% recycled toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap saves our behinds, and our trees · Non-toxic cleaning products from Thank You and Eco Store means less yucky chemicals for our hands and waterways · Reusable coffee cups from Frank Green

Our Sustainability Framework

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