TOREĀ® socks, are the Worldā€™s First 100% certified TOtally REcycled sock range. TOREĀ® are entirely made from materials that already exist on the planet and are certified through REPREVE, Recycled 100 Claim Standard, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and FSC.


Our Commitment

TOREĀ®'s mission is to ; 1- Reduce Water Consumption - Fashion is a thirsty business; fashion is the third largest user of water globally after paper and oil, ; 2 - Reduce Waste Accumulation - As fast fashion grows, clothing has become more disposable. A staggering 10,000 items of clothing are being sent to landfill every five minutes TOREĀ® socks are entirely manufactured from materials that already exist on the planet that without TOREĀ® being developed would have likely ended up in landfill. This is achieved, by using yarn off cuts from clothing manufacturers and recycling plastic bottles and paper, in the manufacturing and packaging process. TOREĀ® saves water (and reduces emissions) through not requiring new cotton to be grown, in conjunction with using non harmful dyes and minimising the need to redye, through innovative designs.Each part of the process is certified, meaning TOREĀ® can measure the positive environmental impact, its manufacturing process and innovative designs deliver. Each 3 pack of TOREĀ® socks on average saves 1050 litres of water (approximately 2 years drinking water) and diverts 23.7 grams of plastic (2.4 plastic bottles) and 90 grams of textile waste (0.6 t-shirts) from landfill.

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