Tirtyl is Australia’s largest just-add-water home cleaning and personal care business, developing zero-waste products that eliminate plastic waste and emissions associated with shipping water.


Our Commitment

Tirtyl products eliminate single use plastic, reduce both transport and manufacturing emissions and are undeniably better for the environment. Sustainability is embraced throughout all aspects of business operations: WATERLESS FORMULATIONS The majority of cleaning and personal care products are up to 98%+ water and packaged in plastic. This makes them bulky and heavy, contributing to greater emissions during transit and more costly for customers with extra transport and excess packaging. Tirtyl products are waterless. By concentrating traditional soap and gels, into tablets Tirtyl’s Product team have been able to minimise both the volume and weight of our products as much as 98%, to significantly reduce carbon emissions during transit, as well as reduce single use plastic waste. Tirtyls business model has been built to encourage consumers to buy once, and refill forever. CLIMATE FRIENDLY Tirtyl is proudly a carbon neutral business. While some emissions throughout the supply chain are unavoidable, they are reduced wherever possible and then offset through GreenFleet Australia. In addition to this, Tirtyl does not offer express shipping and sends refills using letter-post, which is the least emissions intensive method of post.

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