The Turn

The Turn is a destination to buy and sell quality second hand designer apparel, footwear and bags. Our platform combines a luxury shopping experience alongside a valet consignment service.


Our Commitment

The Turn is the newest addition to the UTURN. UTURN has operated in the Australian second hand clothing sector for over 20 years. Over this time we have observed many changes within the sector including Australia's increased desire to build a circular economy and contribute to a more sustainable future. To support and facilitate our community The Turn was born. A destination, a platform to resell and recycle quality second hand designer clothing. Our sustainability goal is to help grow the Australian circular fashion economy to help reduce textile waste and its environmental effects. Utilising our years of experience and expertise to extend product life. We create opportunity for pre-loved items to continue to be circulated. An opportunity for resellers, for buyers, and the environment. Through our community we connect buyers and resellers of pre-loved designer fashion. A network to underpin a circular fashion economy.

Our Sustainability Framework

Emissions and Key Environmental Issues


Supply Chain

Community Initiatives

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Circular Models

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