The Fresh Flower Project

Low waste. Original Designs. Repurposing Waste We do more than fresh flowers. Our focus is on providing the freshest flowers without costing the environment more. Every part of our process is considered, and we do what we can to give back.


Our Commitment

LOW WASTE We only buy what we need! Our concept of simplifying choice, instead of offering hundreds of options, helps us minimise wastage. We buy and use what’s fresh that day. Once we sell out, that’s it! OUR WASTE GOES INTO BIGGER THINGS All of our flower clippings and off-cuts goes into making compost. The plastic that the flowers come wrapped in from the growers is collected by our team, recycled and given to a local business to make furniture.

Our Sustainability Framework

Emissions and Key Environmental Issues


Supply Chain

Community Initiatives

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Circular Models

Service Offerings

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