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The Body Shop is a heritage-rich, change-making beauty brand that champions natural, ethically sourced ingredients that are good for the skin and the planet.


Our Commitment

At The Body Shop, we’re making huge strides in reducing packaging, and incorporating more recyclable and recycled content. Reducing product packaging is the best way to improve our environmental impact in this area, helping to eliminate waste. The Body Shop was the original refill pioneer back in the 1970s, and we’re leading the refill revolution again today. In April 2021, we started a five year programme of rolling out refill stations across our stores. We exceeded our 2021 target by launching over 450 refill stations in 34 countries, which has already prevented over 120,000 plastic bottles from going into circulation. As part of Natura & Co, by 2030 our packaging goals are that 100% of our packaging material will be reusable, recyclable or compostable, and 50% of the plastic we use will be of recycled content. In 2021, 47% of our total plastic packaging was recycled (by weight), a significant year-on-year increase. This is because we switched the packaging of some major products from 0% to 100% PCR.12 By weight, 77.5% of all our plastic packaging was widely recyclable.

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