Sweet Cheeks Merino

Sweet Cheeks Merino, est. 2007, makes beautiful, sustainable, quality merino wool products for babies and kids. All products are made in NZ by small family sewers with minimal waste and the upmost care. We love keeping kids warm and cosy!


Our Commitment

We minimise waste by making sure all usable fabric is cut into beanies or mittens and donated to charity. Any fabric scraps too small to sew into something useful are adde to the filling of punching bags which are donated to low decile schools around New Zealand. Merino wool is 100% biodegradable. When it decomposes, like compost, it releases valuable nutrients back into the ground. We used exclusively GOTS certified dyes. Wool fibres are also biodegrade in marine environments, meaning no micro plastic pollution into our oceans. Our fabric is dyed by a company that recycles and re-uses 85% of their water. All Sweet Cheeks Merino packaging and swing tags are recyclable. We do not use poly bags or single use plastic when dispatching our goods. All our postage bags are compostable. We encourage customers to mend any holes first, pass unfit items onto family and friends, donate to charity or compost garments at the end of their life.

Our Sustainability Framework

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