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Stump and Co, products are as eco-friendly as a koala in a gum tree. One way we're doing this is through our glassware wax refills. Instead of chuckin' your empty candle glass, just pop in a refill, and voila! It's a ripper way to reduce waste.


Our Commitment

We're fair dinkum about reducing waste and doing our part to help the environment. And that's where our glassware wax refills come in! Instead of chucking your candle glass in the bin, you can simply clean it and replace it with our wax refill. It's as easy as chucking a snag on the barbie! Studies show that only a measly 8% of candle containers actually get recycled. That means a whopping 35 million candle containers end up in landfills every blooming year! Now that's a waste. But fear not, mate! With our wax refills, you can join the fight against this wastefulness and embrace a more sustainable way of enjoying your candles. Not only do our refills eliminate the need for extra packaging, but they also help minimise the number of candle containers that end up as landfill fodder. It's a win-win, mate! Plus, by reusing your candle glassware with our wax refills, you're doing your bit to tackle this waste problem head-on. We reckon that every little change counts. By making small choices in our everyday lives—like choosing reusable options—we can have a big impact on preserving our environment. Together, we'll create a more sustainable future and keep our beautiful Aussie land in top-notch condition.

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