Stratus Outdoors

At Stratus Outdoors, adventure meets innovation and sustainability! We create outdoor gear that is made from 100% the most environmentally responsible materials available, is good looking and truly innovative by design.


Our Commitment

We have actively assessed and chosen the most environmentally responsible approach for every touch point of our product experience. Longevity: Our products are designed to last the rigour of multi generational Australian adventures. The more people using our products = less cheap and breakable camping products heading to landfill. We are actively promoting a society of product owners, rather than consumers. Production: We choose environmentally responsible materials and production methods. At the time of our product launch November 2022, we have already repurposed 807,818 post consumer plastic bottles! Packaging: 100% recycled cardboard that is FSC Certified. We have worked with our manufacturers to ensure no single use plastics are used in the supply of Stratus Outdoors products. We have even custom designed pallet boxes made from recycled cardboard for our products to be packed, loaded and shipped to our warehouse. End of life: We have designed the Stratus Signature Guarantee where all of our products are covered by a lifetime warranty, including a repair service and an Afterlife program where products are recycled or repurposed when they are beyond repair.

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