South Beach Boardies

South Beach Boardies makes Better for the Planet Beachwear. Ethically made boardies, women's swimwear, rashies, t-shirts, bucket hats and swim nappies - in big bold prints - ethically made from Recycled Plastic Bottles.


Our Commitment

Not only do our fabrics take waste out of the environment, but our high quality and comfortable fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles has a significant environmental benefit, whilst maintaining the quick-drying, lightweight, high performance functionality, strength, and durability of virgin polyester. Recycled polyester doesn’t require new petroleum to create, lowering the demand for new petroleum extraction. Recycled polyester production creates 55% less CO₂ emissions and requires 53% less energy consumption than virgin polyester. Of the 200 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, it is estimated that 10% makes its way directly into the ocean, where it has a dire environmental impact, and on ocean-dwelling fauna. Recycling PET grade plastic into high-quality fabrics reduces such pollution, reduces landfill, and reduces the likelihood of plastic incineration (which releases toxic gases into the atmosphere). Our boardies last and last, we design them that way - and make all the kids styles unisex, so you can pass them down to the next kid in the team! Our offices are solar passive, powered by solar, and use grey water. We recycled everything we can, and use minimal packaging, all recycled & biodegradable.

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