Snuggle Hunny

Snuggle Hunny is to go-to for beautiful birth announcement sets, wraps, swaddles and gorgeous baby outfits. We are GOTS certified organic.


Our Commitment

As a business we are focused on our impact. In February 2022 we made several commitments to our people and planet. One was to reduce our environmental impact. We set ourselves four goals: Goal: We aim to have minimal plastic in our shipping and product packaging by end 2023 Goal: Over 80% of range to be produced using conscious fabrics by end 2023 Goal: We will work with our suppliers to minimise air freight by end 2023 Goal: Become GOTS Certified by end of 2023 What have we achieved? 1. We have changed over 50% of our new season products to use compostable poly bags and now all ongoing orders are using compostable poly bags. We should have sold through any remaining plastic bags by mid 2023. 2. Our mailers have now been converted to compostable mailers and all plastic packaging removed from our shipping process. 3. Our product packaging is now being changed to be plastic-free where there is plastic. This is in design phase and will be implemented by Feb 2023. 4. We are minimising air freight. We only want to use it when absolutely necessary and have less than 5% of stock be shipped by air. 5. We offset all our carbon using Greenfleet 5. Fabrics we have done a lot of work on and that is covered in the next section....

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