SimplyClean is Australian made, really healthy and really works. We make every product ourselves, and use local pure essential oils for a natural cleaning boost! Our products are plant based, non-toxic, and gentle on human health and the environment.


Our Commitment

SimplyClean Australia has made significant progress across its operations towards minimising environmental harm: - We reuse over 95% of empty returned containers. - 85% of our bottles are made from 100% reused plastic. - Over 99% of packaging is made in Australia, reducing miles. - Wastage of finished product is near to zero. New techniques allow us to extract every drop. - Packaging waste in production has reduced by 90% and 50% for landfill waste. - All soft plastics are recycled through the Bin Trim Program (similar to RedCycle but for business). - We’ve reduced lighting energy consumption by 54% over 2 years in our factory, warehouse and office. - We are 100% GreenPowered - We have initiated a water capture programme for post-manufacture wash water and are currently in the testing phase for water recycling. - Our consumer packaging makes use of former waste, as we shred all product label backing paper and reuse it as packing fill. Packing tape has converted to a biodegradable product. - We have reduced our use of plastic pallet wrap by 50%. - Broken wooden pallets are donated to local pallet maker and used to build new pallets. - All incoming metal drums and plastic barrels are repurposed and reused in our farmers.

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