Sensoriam is a curation of the world’s most exquisite natural perfume, essential oils, candles and room sprays. 100% natural. Free of all synthetic chemicals and harmful toxins.


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing people with a healthy 100% natural alternative to perfumes and home scent, free from all harmful toxins and chemicals. In a world full of synthetics, homogenisation and mass-production, the so called “advancements” in perfume have taken us further and further away from what is natural. Our senses are overloaded with unnatural and impure stimuli. Fragrance allergies are rising. We’ve become desensitised and dis-eased. At Sensoriam we see progress as taking a step backwards. Removing the unnatural and unnecessary. We are leading the conscious back to a place of sensorial arousal. A place where humans can use our senses to experience the beauty of the world, unadulterated and pure.

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