Seed & Sprout

Seed & Sprout is an eco-friendly lifestyle brand that is deeply devoted to creating beautiful, practical, innovative and ethical products that lessen the impact on our beautiful world.


Our Commitment

100% EMISSIONS FREE - At our HQ office and warehouse in Billinudgel, we use renewable energy in the form of solar panels, meaning that we are 100% emissions free. In fact in 2020 we generated 3x the amount of solar energy than we needed, which all gets sent back to the grid for someone else to use. PACKAGING - We reuse cardboard boxes and shred them for protective filling in our orders. Mailer boxes are made here in Australia with a local company, made from recycled cardboard and shipped plastic free so that our packaging materials can be recycled or composted at home. END OF LIFE - We offer a Take Back Program for our silicone products that have reached the end of their life cycle and they are recycled through Terracycle. We've also teamed up with Upparel, a company on a mission to reduce the amount of textiles that end up in landfill each year. You can send them a box of your unwanted clothes or textiles & you'll get $25 off your next order with us!

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