The Scrubba makes innovative products, such as the Scrubba wash bag (the world's smallest washing machine for travel and camping), to make your journey easier and reduce impact on the environment.


Our Commitment

Environmental & Social Responsibility Our retail products are packed in fully recyclable cardboard packaging or in reusable packing cells. In the AU market, customers can opt for no retail packaging on select products. Repurposing/upcycling We have upcycled fabric offcuts from the Scrubba wash bag production into simple travel/fitness wallets and we have also started to repurpose our shipping cartons into mailing boxes to reduce our usage of new mailing supplies. Responsible Material Investment We use quality materials to ensure a long product lifespan and design our products to be easily repairable. No PVC Due to the negative environmental impact of PVC, we have made the decision to discontinue manufacturing our inflatable hangers.

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