Rolla Bottle

Rolla Bottle is everything you want in a water bottle, rolled pocket-size! Rolla Bottle is no ordinary drink bottle. It stands for doing things differently. Smarter. More conveniently. Making it easier to be sustainable. Making life more simple.


Our Commitment

Rolla Bottles were developed to make it easy to always carry a reusable bottle and say no to planet damaging single-use plastics. Our entire business mission is dedicated to ensuring sustainable products and processes and creating products which make it easier for people to be sustainable. Rolla Bottles are manufactured from high-quality materials in line with the highest international manufacturing standards to ensure they are both safe and durable. Rolla Bottles are so high quality and durable that the silicone body parts will last, and as part of our commitment to the planet, to make sure that the whole bottle lasts we provide a free replacement guarantee on all parts - for life! Our manufacturing partner has been selected on their sustainability credentials, and their factory and processes are sustainability certified. Rolla Bottle places great importance not just on providing solutions to make future behaviour more sustainable, but also in contributing to fixing the damage already done. 10% of our profits go to Clean Ocean Campaigns to clean plastic from the marine environment

Our Sustainability Framework

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