Rntr. was founded on the idea that updating your wardrobe should be fun, fuss-free and friendlier on the environment. From this desire to experience clothing in new ways, we pledge to help brands create a more circular ecosystem.


Our Commitment

We value accessibility over ownership. Together with technology and community, we increase the utilisation and prolong the life cycle of each garment that gets rented. When it comes to discarding the retired items we partner with experts and companies such as Blocktexx to ensure that each garment is entered back into the loop and gets reused again. Our mailer bags and boxes are made from previously used material products and renewable plant-based materials and/or bio-polymers. As most of our packaging is returning to our HQ we can ensure the best environment for composting. We make sure that our packaging has a built-in second (and possibly third, fourth) use. Every package sent to the renter is also used as return packaging to maximise the benefit of the reusable material and that we can recycle, reuse or compost them properly. We use only the best clean/green solutions to minimise any negative environmental impacts from our day to day operations. Trade waste samples are monitored and taken by Aecom, which extract regulated testing samples every 22 days to ensure we are industry compliant. Our solution GreenEarth protects the planet and garments.

Our Sustainability Framework

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