Pottery For The Planet

Pottery For The Planet exists to contribute to the Earthโ€™s life by eradicating single-use culture and plastic waste. We specialise in reusable ceramic coffee cups and takeaway lunch bowls which are guaranteed to up your reusable game!


Our Commitment

Solar Energy We're using our influence and creativity to tackle climate change and make a big difference to your morning cuppa. We've got ninety-eight solar panels installed on our Pottery Studio in Noosa, harnessing enough solar energy to power the kiln and run the operations side of the business. This amazing technology has enabled us to now fire zero-emission products and expand our range with unique colour combinations - the Solar Cups! Packaging All boxes used for packaging are made from recycled cardboard, and wherever possible, all other packaging materials are reused byproducts from other businesses and consumer waste. We have implemented local initiatives to share, reuse, and repurpose packaging (check your next delivery for random materials!) Delivery By operating a wholesale model and consistently reassessing transport options, we provide the opportunity for consumers to buy locally and minimise freight packaging and carbon emissions.

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