Plum Play

Plum Play have been the active play specialists for over 35 years. Their philosophy is to create 360° play possibilities 365 days a year, where products are reassuringly safe, of excellent quality and kind to the environment.


Our Commitment

When it comes to packaging our products, all our packaging is designed to minimise waste and uses recyclable cardstock. We have made an environmentally conscious decision to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging. As the active play specialists, our production processes are not waste intensive, resulting in relatively low water and energy usage. We aim to further reduce energy consumption by exploring natural resource options with suppliers, including the possibility of solar panels and eco fuels for our factories. We make a deliberate effort to ensure that all our outdoor wooden products are made using FSC®-certified wood or from sustainable sources, so we support the responsible management of the world’s forests. Having sold over 2 million trampolines worldwide, we are happy that all our trampolines are made from recycled metals, resulting in a lower impact on emissions and landfill waste. Every element of our trampolines can be recycled after use, and they are designed with premium materials built to last for years to come, minimising waste impact. Plum Play wooden products can be repurposed or recycled at the end of product life, reducing the environmental impact. Even our sandpit liners can be recycled.

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