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Textile waste is an increasingly damaging process due to the complex supply chains required to create products in the modern market. Research has shown that if 75% of textile waste was prevented from entering landfill by it would save an estimated 15.8 trillion litres of water, enough for 27.8 million homes; it would prevent the production of 17 million tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent of taking 3.5 million cars off the road; and it would save 5.7 million cubic metres of space in landfill, which is nearly enough to fill the MCG 4 times. Plantchester aims to help alleviate this issue by creating products which can be a benefit rather than a burden by designing out their waste impact and turning into a net positive. Soils store more carbon than anything else on land, and they have been ignored for too long! Restoring organic matter in our soils is the key to climate change mitigation and for the resilience of the agriculture industry.

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